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of course ;) ❤

i dont usually wear makeup and I do usually rub my eyes. Therefore when I do wear makeup I still rub my eyes and then have to deal with the consequences.


A beautiful thing: going to bed knowing you can sleep as long as you want.one of the best feelings ever

Dr. Hysterectomy will be taking care of this for me! Love it!

Dear mother nature, i'd like to cancel my monthly subscription. So true!

Actually it's me washing the dishes and Adam slowly putting his dirty dishes in the sink

That awkward moment when i'm doing dishes and my family slowly puts their dishes in the sink. All the time :)

iPhone 21 by the time I think that I might have kids. - they have no clue, do they?

To my future kids: You'll start off with a flip phone. I don't care if the Iphone 15 is out by then, you're gonna know the struggle<< well at least they get a flip phone

Ummmmmm that would be me!  My kids hate it too!  lolololol

My mom likes to play this game called yell from four rooms away and get upset when I can't hear her.all the time

Now that Pinterest is my new addiction, this seems about right!

I was going to be productive today. Happens all the time!

Nacho libre all day! Haha the office napoleon dynamite!!!!

Everyday Disney: Day Disney Conversations It's true, I do speak fluently in movie quotes.but there are some times when Disney Conversations just get too funny not to share!