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    Ethiopian Mezezo Chocolate Opal Specimen. This and more rare gemstones for sale on

    Brilliant 88 Carat Opal Gem. This and more rare gemstones for sale on

    an Opal stone

    Gorgeous aquamarine crystal! my birthstone :) Weighing a whopping 392.52 carats, the Blue Belle of Asia is the fourth largest faceted sapphire in the world. Ruby. One of the four precious stones. The other three being Diamond, Sapphire, and Emerald. Elbaite :: Paprok, Konar Afghanistan

    The Helix - 7 Kilo Aquamarine Crystal. This and more important crystals for sale on Benitoite. California state gemstone. Benitoite is sometimes called the blue diamond." First discovered near the headwaters of the San Benito River (hence the name) in 1907, benitoite is a very rare gem that ranges in color from a light transparent blue to dark, sapphire blue, or occasionally a violet shade. Quartz "Herkimer Diamond" / Herkimer Co., New York / From a 19th century European collection

    Crispian Heath - Slices of Time Series July Birthstone: Ruby. A glorious, red gemstone - part of the corundum family, which includes sapphires. Rubies are a symbol of passion and good fortune.

    Rainbow Titanium Crystal Quartz Point Two Finger Ring Aurora Borealis Aura Silver Silver Size 5/6 by crystalelements1 on Etsy

    Euclase psuedomorph Beryl / St Anne’s Mine, Zimbabwe

    Morganite The Florentine is an enigmatic diamond which is believed to have a light yellow color, with a green overtone and an estimated 137 carats. Its known history starts with the duke of Burgundy in the 15th century. Apparently, he died in battle while wearing the diamond.

    Robust Tanzanite Crystal. This and more important crystals for sale on

    Dramatic Tourmaline Spear on Quartz and Cleavelandite. This and more rare mineral specimens for sale on

    Tsavorite, emerald green form of Grossular. Found in contact metasomatic deposits. Calcium/ Silicon/ Aluminum

    Red Beryl -  ~$ 10,000 per carat Just like a ruby is really a red sapphire, the red beryl  is also known as a “red emerald”.  This incredibly rare gem, also referred to as “bixbite,”

    iridescent crystals

    iridescent | mother-of-pearl | gleaming | shimmering | metallic rainbow | shine | anodized | holographic | oil slick | peacock | iridescence | Abalone Shell Stretched Canvas

    Chalcopyrite..more color variations than a peacock....but just as intriguing.

    Epidote, 9.8 cm, from Knappenwand, Untersulzbachtal, Salzburg, Austria. Watzl Minerals specimen and photo.

    Garnet Inclusion in Diamond This stone is classified as "flawed" but I don't think so