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Best ever

I never cared for Wesley Crusher, but I do like Will Wheaton as himself on The Big Bang Theory, and his shirt is fantastic.



Super Mario Bros Fish Tank // I want to do this but for octopodes and Minecraft! Well just fish I love this idea lol


popculturebrain: “ entertainmentweekly: “ This week in EW: Geek god Nathan Fillion goes mainstream. ” Speaking of Nathan Fillion… Love the colors of this (and the Green Lantern tee, heh).

Star Trek captains on the Prime Directive. The one that actually amuses me is the bottom one. Funny :)

Shatner Knows How to Deal with the Prime Directive

A crush on Crusher...

StarTrek: Hey, some guy is photobombing Anne Wheaton, who's wearing a 'I've got a crush on Crusher' tee-shirt.

Majestic star trek cat tree

Majestic star trek cat tree

Funny pictures about Majestic Star Trek Cat Tree. Oh, and cool pics about Majestic Star Trek Cat Tree. Also, Majestic Star Trek Cat Tree photos.

What's greater than a picture of Wil Wheaton?  A pic of him photobombing a pic of his wife with Nathan Fillion.  Feel the awesome.

Anne Wheaton with Nathan Fillion + Wil Wheaton photobomb = Awesome!

Spin long and prosper.

The Vinyl Frontier - Transport me to another space and time with beats faster than the speed of light. Spin it Spock!

Taken 2/29/12 in the Oval Office - Live Long & Prosper! | The sounds coming out of my mouth are not human. More seal

President Obama & Lieutenant Uhura (Nichelle Nichols) in the Oval Office-- live long & prosper!

Trek this out!

Funny pictures about Haircuts Make A Huge Difference. Oh, and cool pics about Haircuts Make A Huge Difference. Also, Haircuts Make A Huge Difference photos.

Super Mario fish tank. I have to figure out how to make a bit smaller. Cant I just use legos?


This is awesome! Super Mario fish tank made with Lego pieces and PVC piping and a detailed backdrop. If I were ever to get a fish tank, I would want to do this!

This is funny!

Star Trek foretold it. Captain Picard uses Android. He even had an unlimited Data plan.

Freunde fürs Leben und 2 wirklich gute Schauspieler Jeb

Our Favorite BFF's Bid Farewell To NYC

In honor of their final performances on Broadway in No Man's Land and Waiting for Godot, co-stars and best friends Sir Ian McKellen and Sir Patrick Stewart recently decided to say goodbye to New York City by releasing some funny outtakes from their advent