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Baltimore Orioles

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  • Barbara J. Bartlett

    'Baltimore Oriole' by Alan Murphy ~ 2011 Audubon Magazine Photography Awards: Top 100

  • caroline liddell

    Spring Visitor, by A . Murphy Orioles, like American Robins, are seen as a sign of Spring.If the sight of these birds thrill you, ensure their continued return each Spring by supporting organic farming.Buy organic &/or shade grown coffee; coffee grown using sustainable methods provides a safe oasis for these migratory birds to feed, drink,& rest at along their routes.By buying such coffee, you help our feathered friends. At home, plant native fruits (try mulberries, blackberries, & elderberries for easy cultivation)-Of course, it goes without saying that chemicals need to be nixed.Orioles, Robins, Mockingbirds, Catbirds,& other Thrushes & songbirds will flock to a fruit-filled, chemical free garden.The birds will thank you by keeping pesty bugs down.Our snail problem vanished within days of putting up a birdfeeder!

  • Debra Mikalauskas

    Baltimore Oriole #birds

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Baltimore Oriole / HOW TO ATTRACT ME TO YOUR HABITAT: Cottonwood Tree, plantains, Daisy, Huckleberry groundcover, Oregano, Pepperbery shrub, Bearded Iris. EXTRA TREATS: Mealworms (Important for migration), Eggs, Cookies (crumbled), cake, Grape Jelly-Generic ♥♥ and Bananas. I'll eat leftovers.

oriole - I saw one in my yard last year, for less than a minute, and it was one of the most amazing things I've ever seen!

Baltimore Oriole: Photo by Randy Knauf Seen: Conway, Arkansas 1984

☀Baltimore Oriole by Bobby Perkins*

Baltimore Oriole... by Guy Lichter - I was a "junior" member of the Audubon Society and the Baltimore Oriole was my bird. Still love this guy!

Baltimore favorite birds as a young girl because of a book my father would read with me over and over again.

Baltimore Oriole (Male) by Birds

Oriole- a similar specie of oriole visits our garden every day! Sooo amazing!

Baltimore Oriole Also, called the Northern Oriole