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Isabella of Angoulême (1188 - 1246). Second wife of King John. Queen from 1200 - 1216. King John divorced his first wife, Isabel of Gloucester, to marry Isabella. She had many children with him, including the future Henry III. After his death she remarried Hugh X of Lusignan, who was supposed to marry her daughter Joan, but jilted the girl to marry her mother. She had several more children with him. In 1244 she tried to poison King Louis IX of France and fled to an abbey to escape arrest.

Matilda I (or Maud) (1105? – 3 May 1152) was suo jure Countess of Boulogne. She was also queen consort of England as the wife of King Stephen. She was born in Boulogne, France, the daughter of Eustace III, Count of Boulogne, and his wife Mary, daughter of King Malcolm III of Scotland and Saint Margaret of Scotland.


1246, Fontevrault Abbey, France. Wood Effigy of Isabelle of Angoulême (1188-1246), Queen of England, second wife of John I. Queen from 1200 - 1216. King John divorced his first wife, Isabel of Gloucester, to marry Isabella. She had many children with him, including the future Henry III. After his death she remarried Hugh X of Lusignan, who was supposed to marry her daughter Joan, but jilted the girl to marry her mother. She had several more children with him. Educationfrom Education

Isabella of Angouleme: Young Queen Consort of John of England

Isabella of Angoulême was married at age 12 to John of England, the king who signed the Magna Carta, and youngest son of Eleanor of Aquitaine and King Henry II. Their relationship was fiery, producing five children including the future King Henry III. As a widow she returned to France where she married without the permission of England that the English expected her to request; she and her husband had nine children before she ended up in hiding after a major scandal involving the French king.

Edith of Wessex (c. 1025 – 18 December 1075) married King Edward the Confessor of England on 23 January 1045. Unlike most wives of kings of England in the tenth and eleventh centuries, she was crowned queen, but the marriage produced no children. Educationfrom Education

Eleanor of Aquitaine Portrait

Eleanor of Aquitaine Queen of France, Queen of England, Mother & Grandmother of Kings and Queens Eleanor of Aquitaine was one of the most powerful women in the world in the medieval era. Married first to the King of France -- and divorced from him in part because she had no sons -- she went on to have sons and daughters with her second husband, King of England.

Richard II greets his young bride, Isabelle of Valois. Isabella of France (1389 – 1409) was Queen consort of England as the second spouse of King Richard II. Her parents were King Charles VI of France and Isabeau of Bavaria. Her younger sister, Catherine of Valois, was Queen consort of England from 1420–1422, as the wife of King Henry V of England and mother of Henry VI, King of England.

The Queen of Sheba, a legendary beauty & King Solomon's lover, was a monarch of the ancient kingdom of Sheba & is referred to in Yemeni and Ethiopian history, the Bible, the Qur'an, Yoruba customary tradition & Josephus. The location of her kingdom is believed to have been in Ethiopia & Yemen. King Solomon is said to have seduced the Queen, and sired a son, Menelik I, by her, who would eventually become the first Emperor of Ethiopia. Educationfrom Education

Who Were the Plantagenet Queens of England?

Philippa of Hainault (1314-1369) Queen consort to: Edward III of England (1312-1377, ruled 1327-1377) Married: January 24, 1328 Coronation: March 4, 1330

Catherine de Valois. The mother of the Tudor dynasty. Wife of Henry V and Owen Tudor. With her second husband Owen Tudor she bore a son Edmund who married Margaret Beaufort who would then produce a new king for England King Henry VII. The first of the Tudors

Henry III (1207 - 1272) - Son of King John and Queen Isabella. He married Eleanor of Provence and had five children.

Isabella "the She-Wolf" of France, daughter of King Philip IV of France/ Jeanne of Navarre. Queen consort to Edward II of England (1284-1327, ruled 1307 - deposed 1327 by Isabella) Married: 1/25/1308 Coronation: 2/25/1308. Edward III, their son and future King of England, was born at the end of an English civil war.

House of Tudor Owen Tudor, the first man to use the surname, was a direct 8th. generation descendent of Llewelyn the Great and Joan (daughter of King John ). Owen worked within the household of Queen Catherine, widow of Henry V ; Owen and Catherine married in 1429. Their first son, Edmund, was made 13th. Earl of Richmond in 1453, married Margaret Beaufort (great-granddaughter of John of Gaunt ) in 1455. Edmund and Margaret had one son, Henry, who would become King Henry VII .

Elizabeth Blount who was better known by her nickname of "Bessie", was a mistress of Henry VIII of England...Her relationship with Henry VIII lasted for some length of time, compared to his other affairs, which were generally short-lived and unacknowledged. On 15 June 1519, Blount bore the King an illegitimate son who was named Henry FitzRoy, Soon after the birth of his son, the King began an affair with Mary Boleyn

King Richard I The Lion Heart (1189-1199). House of Angevin. 21st great-granduncle to QEII. Reign: 9 yrs, 8 mos, 30 days. Successor: brother, John. 3rd son of Henry II, rebelled against his father twice before becoming King. Richard acquired a reputation as a warrior becoming known as Richard ‘The Lion Heart’. After 3 successful crusades he was captured by the Duke of Austria. Upon release he returned to England where his brother John was ruling in his stead. Was later killed at war in…

Catherine Howard(c.1518-1524-Feb 13,1542),was the 5th wife of Henry VIII of England, and sometimes known by his reference to her as his"rose without a thorn".Catherine married HenryVIII on July 28,1540,almost immediately after the annulment of his marriage to Anne of Cleves was arranged. Catherine was beheaded after less than two years of marriage to Henry on the grounds of treason for committing adultery while married to the King.Catherine was the 3rd of Henry's consorts to have been a…

Henrietta Maria of France (25 November 1609 – 10 September 1669) was the Queen consort of England, Scotland, and Ireland as the wife of King Charles I. She was mother of two kings, Charles II and James II, and grandmother of two queens and one king, Mary II, William III and Anne of Great Britain, as well as paternal aunt of Louis XIV of France. The North American Province of Maryland was named in her honor, and the name was carried over into the current U.S. state of Maryland.

On this day 8th September the birth of Richard the Lionheart in Oxford 1157. The third surviving chid of Henry II, one of the most astute and formidable of all English kings and the ruler of more of France than the French king himself. Henry was 24 when Richard was born and his mother 35 who was the ravishingly beautiful Eleanor of Aquitaine. Richard was 6ft 5" with red hair and piercing blue eyes, he was an inspiring leader and one of the best generals of his time. He died in 1199