A-line haircut. Thinking about doing this next month

Exaggerated angle IF I cut my hair.

Long bob

Cute cut

the perfect lob. PLEEEEASE be this long by summer, hair. please!


color and cut

Thinking of doing an asymmetrical bob this time ...hmm

long angled bob - most likely will go back the inverted bob again. This is pretty.

long bob

The "lob" or long bob, is a celebrity favorite and a super versatile haircut for clients who don't want too short or too long of hair. Hairstylist Raven Camacho provides us how-to steps to this extreme long bob, plus, we have three pieces of "lob" information that you need to know before you start cutting!

Graduated/inverted bob--Lauren

Inverted bob; long bangs, short in the back

A line bob, wish I was brave to cut my hair like this! Too cute and unique.

Long bob-

5 Black Red Hair Color You Must Consider | Hair |Haircuts |Color -- but if I, Brooke was to get my hair cut this short, it'd be all poofy and curly and blehh. love the color though!

Love the hair

If I ever cut my hair "short" this will most definitely be what I do! :)

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