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Bookshelf stairs I'm not a great fan of staircase bookshelves, it's impractical for most part. But this solution is effective and space saving

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curved furniture contribute to a calm atmosphere.


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IKEA bookshelf on it's side

So pretty, so functional

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This is an original chair, No?

Sun Setting on the 4th of July. Photo of the Day, July 12, 2011,Photography by Rachel Moreau (De Pere, WI) in July 2009, Spread Eagle, WI. Original photo source: Smithsonian Magazine.


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This is the most amazing piece of bespoke fitted furniture I have yet seen, I love it to bits, the balance in the random squares is perfect and the shape is just beautiful. I love the contrast between white painted and wood. TT Filip Janssens

Stacked dresser, bookcase and cabinet. Not sure I like it but it is super unique.

Great idea.