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i have to see witch shirt im wearing

Yes, yes, it does but I hope it wakes them up because every night o hear the toilet lid slam!!! Boys!!!

Haha but soooo true

Cut it out!

Neither Lucky nor Charm-ing

This is me and when i start this i know its time for iced water....

WARNING: The consumption of alcohol may make you think you are whispering when you are not.

"hey watch this!" means something really stupid is about to happen, and if other kid-folks are there then you have to act like it's not....

"Mommy , Watch this!" is the toddler equivalent of "hold mt beer." It usually means something stupid and dangerous is about to take place.

ID Investigates

After watching copious amounts of crime drama I've come to the conclusion that serial killers only target women who wear matching bra and pantie sets. Feeling much safer now :)


treasure your dog

ETC: End of Thinking Capacity.

Okay I totally do this. Sometimes Ill wave! Stupid bitches rollin all over in my hood!

glad there is finally a name for it.

Except Uggs were designed to be made for surfers to wear to the beach. Love the Uggs with short shorts.

This is my new motto!

"So you're saying if someone had a gun pointed at me you wouldn't jump in front of it?" "Don't be ridiculous, Ricky, by the time I jump in front of it you would have plenty of time to move yourself.

I've definitely done this...More times than I'd like to admit.

This has happened to me when the kids had me play Mario Cart with them. Needless to say, I'm not invited to play Mario Cart anymore.

Never ask a woman eating ice cream straight from the carton how she's doing

Eating ice cream straight from the carton

Make your Yellow Card worth it was my approach .


Teenager Post I'm glad I don't have a thigh gap I almost dropped my phone into the toilet but I caught it with thunder and lightning.

let's not

let's not