T-shirt Blanket tutorial

T-shirt quilt that is not even blocks and rows. This is what I want my t-shirt quilt(s) to look like when I finally make them.(So glad I found this!!! I've been looking for something to do with all those old t-shirts!)

Tutorial: 5 Simple Blanket Stitch Variations

I'd love to make (or have made for me!) A memory quilt of old school uniforms, gig shirts and charity walk T-shirts.

Put paper cut outs on the shirt, and spray the rest of the shirt lightly with bleach. When you remove the letters the name will stay darker. Good idea for girls camp

modge podge monogram


baby clothes quilt

This is the BEST pillow mattress tutorial I found! This lady actually took MEASUREMENTS and she describes how to make a 4 or 5 pillow bed. Pin this one!

2 in 1: beach bag & towel (with tutorial)

Best tutorial I've seen by far! Easy to follow, great photos - perfect for the inexperienced quilter! While They Snooze: Fall T-Shirt Quilt Tutorial

New toddler shirt from old "highwaters"! (Tutorial). YES!

T-Shirt Quilts

DIY - memory scarf, made out of old t-shirts! This is so cute. I have a blanket made from my college t-shirts, but I love this idea. Might do this out of Baby Clothes too. Follow link for tutorial.

Teach Your Girls To Sew.... 18 Easy Sewing Projects For Beginners.... Tutorials

No Cutting.....Keep the Hem! Sew Easy!

How to Make a Rag Quilt...I love these quilts, super easy and great for first time quilters because there's a large margin of error:-)

T-shirt quilt tutorial

I can think of a dozen tees for this project~