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  • Kristina Myers

    true story; that's why I love my husband!! ;) <3

  • Jessica Earnshaw

    This shouldn't be deemed "old fashioned". And no, I don't just want my husband to ask my Dad's permission, I need him to ask my Dad's permission.

  • Brittney Albert

    "Call Me Old Fashioned, But I Still Want A Guy To Ask My Dad For His Permission" Wedding Quote

  • Tori Bryant

    Luckily, my husband is my Prince Charming and did this.

  • Lauren Krystyn Leath

    call me old fashioned, but I still want a guy to ask my dad for his permission. - in ways, I truely am still his little girl.

  • Jenny Needham

    he better asks my dads permission- daddys girl

  • Brooke Elisabeth

    There's 3 men who's blessing I'd like my future husband to ask for.. My dad, Andy, and brother. Poor guy! Hahah

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