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Paul Rudd

Paul Rudd offers us facial hair options. What do you think? Left side or right side? Either works for me. Love me some Paul Rudd

Paul Rudd: Forever Sexy <3

Is there anyone cooler in movies these days than Paul Rudd? In honor of the greatness that is Rudd, here are his 10 greatest film roles.

More Luke inspiration - picture a younger Paul Rudd, but more outdoorsy.

Paul Rudd: Everybody's Buddy

WHAT IS THIS? Who: Paul Rudd! Must have comedy-ensemble player, Master of the Bromance, all around good guy Why: He’s Paul Rudd! (always said with fist pump like Steve Holt! in Arrested Devel…

Paul Rudd. Cute AND funny.

Paul Rudd quoted this! " I always thought I'd be a really good gay guy. I love gay guys. I feel pretty gay! I'm certainly not the most macho guy in the room"

Paul Rudd - inspiring naughty dreams since he was in Clueless

Drooling just a little bit. Paul Rudd is my favorite funny man.