this technique is so neat, want to try it -- Draw design, hoop it (big on bottom), feed dogs down, darning foot, sew in spirals -- technique is sew spiral in, sew spiral out, up into next spiral -- which makes French knots by machine. Almost like punch needle effect.

Floral shark attack hand embroidery art. Light blue fabric. 6" hoop. Home decor

Ive surrounded this handsome shark with hours of detailed & colorful floral work & set it in a 6 hoop. ♡ Set in 6 wood hoop. ♡ Nearly every item in

Reverse applique may sound fancy, but it’s actually a crazy-easy sewing technique that allows you to add tons of color, texture and pattern to your projects with very little effort. In this technique, two or more fabrics are layered and stitched together, then sections of the fabric are strategically cut away to reveal the color(s) beneath, essentially cr

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