Exactly why I have "No Regrets" tattooed on my back.

Stay calm and get inked

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Instead of gifts, I would just like to receive tattoo money. This goes for all holidays, and my birthday :)

Love this!!

d'awww. my family will look like this.

let go

I like the font

This should be posted.

Inner frog...so cute

My body My life My way


Always lol

Keep Calm And Get Tattooed :D

to those who say, "what are you gonna think of those tattoos when you get older?" Im probably gonna think like this lady : ) BAD ASS!!

Has anyone ever judged you because you have a tattoo(s)? Or have you ever dated someone who didn't like tattoos? It can hurt and be aggravating when someone judges you because of a stereotype, It's your body and you can do what you want with it. If you'd like to share your story comment below.

You say I'll regret the way my Tattoos make my body look one day: Well having children changes the way the body looks naked too but you don't see me regretting having them!

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I like this!!