.this is your life an it's ending a minute at a time

"this is your life and its ending one minute at a time" fight club tattoo

Rib tattoo; I absolutely love this quote. Love.

“Somewhere I’ll find someone who’s going nowhere and we’ll go there together”


La Bella Vida (the beautiful life.)---except I'm pretty sure it's supposed to the la vida bella

"as long as I remember you exist"  #tattoos

This made me cry. For my sister, my best friend, my worst enemy, my confidant, my War Buddy. <---- this comment made me cry. If I ever lose my sister I'm going to get something like this for her.

Flying Bird Small Tattoo I like where this tattoo is placed on the body

A herd of tiny birds tattoo - tiny bird tattoo Justin Bieber's bird tattoo - tiny bird tattoo tiny bird tattoos.

I am mine

I only know my mind, I am mine Finally found the perfect thing for my neck tattoo

While I think this is a ballsy tattoo. I think it's super cool.

Not sure how I feel about the branches of the tree.If they mirrored the roots in style and spread up the hand, rather than being all clumped up in the palm, I'd be in love with this tattoo. Love the idea/placement!

Dreamcatcher Tattoos For Women | miley has a large dreamcatcher tattooed on her right side a friend ...

Miley Cyrus Dream Catcher Tattoo is inked on her right side or ribcage and is her biggest tattoo yet. This dreamcatcher's meaning ties into Native American

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Amazing tattoos quotes tattoo quotes and sayings ideas quotes for tattoos about love life quote tattoo tattoo quotes and s.

Text tattoo under the breast: "Don't let the past steal your present" Interesting way of displaying text | No Artist Information

Text tattoo under the breast: "Don't let the past steal your present" placement not the quote