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ha. ha. ha.
DAW soo cute! This is totally one of my favorite Sherlock/Hobbit crossovers!!! <<<<< Imagining him running around shire shouting "JAAAWWWNNNN!!!!"
^ This!   -When did Sherlock Holmes become so evil? -When John Watson ran off with a bunch of dwarves.
That would be so sad if they really were friends before he died and sherlock just does not want to give him up.
A Fangirl's Comprehensive Guide to Sherlock - Cheezburger
I think the first two panels of this might just be the least dramatic post-Reichenbach ever. Story roughly based on this post I saw on Tumblr: which also inspired this fanfic: all my BBC Sherlock c....
C'EST PAS MOI QUI PUE, EH J'AI PAS PÉTÉ, YEAH EWAI LES RIMES DE FOU C… #humour Humour #amreading #books #wattpad