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Honeyfuggle (HUN•ee•fug•ul) As a transitive verb: To obtain by cheating or deception. As an intransitive verb: To deceive by flattery or sweet talk. Used in a sentence: "Just look at her, she's a natural-born honeyfuggler!"

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Wuzzle (WUZ•ul) Verb: -To mingle. -To move freely around a place or at a social function, associating with others. This word is found in "The Century Cyclopedia and Dictionary" by William Whitney. New York, 1889 I was unable to locate the etymology of this word. Used in a sentence: "Willie was a wary wuzzler, While Millie was a merry guzzler, Off they'd go, to and fro, He wishing often he could muzzle 'er." It's finally the weekend! So here's something that you can STOP doing for a couple of days... Fudgel (FUH-jul) Verb: -Pretending to work when you’re not actually doing anything at all.