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love the windows, boxes of beautifully colored flowers. love everything about this little exterior area of a country house


Now this is beautiful. Kitchen Witches have the most neatest and gorgeous kitchens, especially the pantries. I’m getting an idea to fix up my kitchen next year Plz don’t remove caption, thank you.

Dulce alegría

From a distance it looked like several small hills. Green and rounded, gentle hills. As they rode closer there was the glint of sunlight on glass. They saw rounded windows and doors in the hillsides.

Enchanted Countryside

You can't really tell if this beauty actually is a greenhouse or maybe a gigantic indoor garden. But either way it is stunning and a huge inspiration on how to design one's one greenhouse with a little more charm than just the usual pots and benches.


Orange cat sitting on a garden chair outside a window. Surrounded by yellow flowers.