Rotating Socket Outlet

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To know more about Vadim Kibardin Black & White Clock, visit Sumally, a social network that gathers together all the wanted things in the world! Featuring over 4 other Vadim Kibardin items too!

Consept Squaretop Computer Cable Connector Port

Consept Squaretop Computer Cable Connector Port - Tap the link to find a wide variety of gadgets and tools to LEVEL UP your lifestyle! We ship for FREE to most countries worldwide! A lot of special offers for you to discover.

Masimo's iPhone oximeter puts vital health information at the tip of your finger (hands-on)

Masimo's iPhone oximeter puts vital health information at the tip of your finger (hands-on)

Masimo's iPhone oximeter puts vital health information at the tip of your finger (hands-on) Turn your iPhone into a heart rate monitor

Essa coisinha da tomada falsa, gostei muito, exatamente para guardar dinheiro

6 ideias para criar compartimentos secretos e esconder pertences

Hidden Outlet Wall Safe Use this clever gadget to store your most valuable items where only you will find them, behind an electrical outlet.

iPhone interface incorporated into keyboard - this is going on my wish list.

WOW-Keys is a full-sized QWERTY keyboard/dock combination that allows you to input text from your iPhone to your desktop computer and also enables you to use your iPhone as a trackpad.

Water fountain at home - great for after brushing your teeth

The TAPI by Dreamfarm turns any faucet into drinking fountain! Just attach the rubber nipple to any faucet, squeeze and voila! You have a very colorful inexpensive water fountain. Would be good for kids bathroom.

Incríveis montagens com sombras

Funny pictures about Amazing Shadow Art. Oh, and cool pics about Amazing Shadow Art. Also, Amazing Shadow Art photos.


Infográfico - A psicologia das cores, uma poderosa ferramenta para designers, arquitetos e decoradores

1- Cinemas que possuem telas nos banheiros. Assim vc não perde o filme quando for fazer xixi 2 – Caneta que você pode ter a cor que quiser em mãos 3- Capacete de bicicleta dobrável 4- Tomadas com entrada USB para carregar seus dispositivos 5- Caneca que retém cada gota que escorrer 6- Tomada com extensão embutida 7. Etiqueta inteligente …

21 Invenções inteligentes que ainda não existem no Brasil

Leica Edition Hermès: a partir de US$ 25 mil (Foto: Leica Edition Hermès: a partir de US$ 25 mil)

Câmeras Leica estão entre as mais caras; saiba por quê

German camera manufacturer Leica recently teamed up with the well-known Parisian house Hermès for a special limited edition collaboration. The Leica ‘Edition Hermès' is a unique

USB con clave ¡La necesito ya!

30 cosas que harían tu vida mas fácil!

This secure USB Flash Drive Key is password protected, and much less easy to get mixed up with others!

Outdoor fold down grill

Folding Wall-Mounted BBQ Pod 33 Insanely Clever Things Your Small Apartment Needs

3D Printed Prosthetic Leg. Awesome!!!

Artificial Limbs That Look 100% Badass — And These Are Just The Beginning

Industrial designer Scott Summit makes beautiful prosthetics. This is what happens when an industrial designer/ex-Apple employee and a printing guru get together to make artificial limbs. Awesome that a industrial designer can help in the medical world 👍

Rotating Socket Outlet

Slot Machine Power Plugs - Forget about those clunky power converters this rotating power outlet is where it’s at. The ingenious design allows you to use any gadget wit.