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    • Sal Go

      The Crow --(An Morrigan, The Great Queen

    • Annette Emmanuel

      The Morrigan . The Celtic goddess of birth , death and war . Also from Irish mythology - the great queen .

    • Dee Fago

      The Morrigan is ‘The Phantom Queen’ of Irish Celtic legend

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    Ogre drinking up a small lake

    From deep under the very ground on which we innocently, blithly, nay ~ naively stroll...m'dears? A Troll.

    In Slavic mythology, vodyanoy is a male water spirit. Vodník in Czech fairy tales is the same creature as the Wassermann or nix of German fairy tales. He is said to appear as a naked old man with a greenish beard and long hair, with his body covered in algae and muck, usually covered in black fish scales. He has webbed paws instead of hands, a fish's tail, eyes that burn like red-hot coals. He usually rides along his river on a half-sunk log, making loud splashes.

    Sirin and Alkonost, paradise birds of joy and sorrow. The Sirin sang beautiful songs to the saints, foretelling future joys. For mortals, however, the birds were dangerous. Men who heard them would forget everything on earth, follow them, and ultimately die. The Alkonost makes sounds that are amazingly beautiful, and those who hear these sounds forget everything they know and want nothing more ever again.

    alan lee_faeries_jenny greenteeth.jpg (1600×1319)

    Myths & Legends: Rusalka In Slavic folklore, there exists a dangerous female fairy-like being that lives in lakes and rivers. Though often confused with mermaids and sometimes are portrayed to look similar to mermaids, they are traditionally not mermaid-like in appearance. They are beautiful and seductive woman with eerie, green-glowing eyes. According to legend, the rusalki are the spirits of drowned or violently murdered young girls. They take delight in drowning men and children

    Svjatogor by Petar Meseldžija. Titanic hero-warrior in Russian mythology and folklore. A giant living in the Holy Mountains after which he is named, he and his mighty steed are so large that, when they ride forth, the crest of his helmet sweeps away the clouds. Svyatogor is the eldest of Russia’s bogatyri, and in many ways he is the saddest. His days of glory are long behind him, and he is depicted in most epic poems as an old, tired warrior, doomed to fade away.

    The Norns are female beings who control the destinies of gods and mortals. The most important of these beings are Urd (Fate), Skuld (Being), and Verdandi (Necessity). They guard the well Urðarbrunnr, located beneath Yggdrasil in Asgard, keeping the World Tree healthy by pouring water and mud from the well on its roots. In other myths, there is a Norn present at every birth, and she has control over how the newborn’s life with unfold.

    Agnieszka Jopkiewicz/ Medusa hair.

    Ivar Rodningen

    Ed Org, "The Lady of the Lake"

    In the Shadows - Dancer, by Pat Lillich

    Thomas Kuebler


    She has no idea of her strength .....

    Greek Myth: A Gorgon

    The North Wind's daughter

    Valkyrie Maiden. // by Howard David Johnson

    Frigga is a Norse Goddess. She is the wife of Odin, and ruler over love, birth, marriage, destiny, and the sky. She weaves the sky and fates, and is considered responsible for the fertility of crops (due to the rain and sun from the sky). She is considered the “All mother

    three fates, wyrd sisters, three crones of glory

    owl lady

    Frigg Spinning (1909) by the British painter John Charles Dollman (1851-1934).

    white nagas

    Venetian Harpy by Forest Rodgers (back)

    Like a steampunk-future-retro- post-apocalyptic Diana the Huntress.