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  • Tania R

    Hong Kong, 1952 Photo Werner Bischof

  • KIKA

    Refugee Child in Hong Kong Photographer: Werner Bischof Hong Kong, 1952. After the Second World War hundreds of thousands of Chinese went to Hong Kong (administered by the British), fleeing the civil war between the Nationalist and Communist armies in China.

  • Mike Catalonian

    kid in hat, Hong Kong // Werner Bischof

  • Pinklejinx

    So cute! I just love to look at new #hats to bring to my hat shop in Jubilee. Of course I'm most well known for my #birthday crown for #kids

  • John Nichols

    Werner Bischof Photography | view original image )

  • Mona

    Werner Bischof - Hongkong. Refugee Child

  • Christi Manley

    Wearing a sun hat.

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