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Pinkies Up Bitches - It's Tea Time - Illustrated Print - Tea Art - Funny Tea Print - Floral Tea Print - Floral Print - Kitchen Art

Pinkies Up Bitches It's Tea Time 8x10 Print by DrunkGirlDesigns, $10.00

Why do people always look for perfection in others when you know you are not perfect yourself. In fact logic follows that having our little flaws not only makes us unique and brilliant it also means that we are perfect at being us.

Not Everybody can be the Queen Some of you have to sit on the curb and wave as I go by wood sign great for DIVA princesses and queen

Sometimes you have to allow yourself to break down, fall apart just so you have grounds to start over, start fresh and rebuild. Either you'll come back stronger than ever or you'll begin a new journey.

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When life puts you in tough situations, don’t say “why…

When life puts you in tough situations, don't say "why me", say "try me"

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The Magic of Early Morning Me Time

{RISE AND SHINE!} Waking up early is hard ... but it is absolutely worth it. If you are a believer in waking up early -- or not -- you will love this essay by a busy mom who found magic in the wee hours of the morning. The Magic of Early Morning Me Time via The Abundant Mama Project.

Realizing my Role in Life being Self Employed and why it reminds me its all Worth it. You will Realize it too, that there is a role in my Life of being Self Employed and getting a Second Chance and Opportunities is Truly Worth it ..... Im truly blessed & Love it!!!

Taurus always has a lot to say, they just wait for the right time. They want their words.. all of them, to stick.

The art of instinctual thinking has been overlooked for so long most don't realize humans are even capable. Trust your instinct, gut feeling, vibes...they are your soul speaking to you about the path you agreed to walk.