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this is beautiful!

Ça ou une lingerie sexy en tatoo. Je donne mon corps mais à un vrai artiste

Best 50 Pretty Small Tattoo Designs for Girls

Martynas Šnioka Tattoo - Tiny Deer Silhouette #tattoo #ink

cool Anatomical Heart winfinity sign by Alexis Witt at Two Birds Tattoo in Seattle WA

InkedGuys.Net - Guys with Tattoos. Hot Pictures, Sexy Men, Beautiful Tattoos.

JUST FUCKING CREATE SOMETHING - jly: snake tattoos @ mirko sata

Tattos were made at skinartculture and Studio B4 in Berlin, Germany. Girls Tat in NYC by Alex Sherker.

Since there is now a massive scar where I was planning to put my next tattoo, I need to come up with something new. And, I've come to be made up of scars and flaws over the last few years (physical and emotional), and it's hard to accept, but that is who I am.