Elmers glue on canvas, then paint over the entire thing.

Elmer's Glue on Canvas, then paint the whole thing

DIY: crumpled tissue technique - glue to canvas, paint, rub over with oil pastel in contrasting color #art #crafts #tutorial

twigs + hot glue #DIY

10 Amazing Canvas Projects to DIY

Craft glue and paint

egg shells, glue and paint

Alum foil over dried, raised glue and wiped down with shoe polish. Imagine doing this with one of our word art designs. Could be cool! :)

Cheap way to make a canvas? Yes, please!

Home Is Wherever I Am With You - Map Background Instead of Flowers

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This is the best, cheapest, and easiest DIY Canvas Photographs

A girl and a glue gun: 3 dimensional wall canvas

Fun little project to transfer photos to canvas...

Scrapbook Paper and Canvas

things t o do with Tees

Jess, this looks like your kinda thing....Watercolor on printed paper

Hi Sugarplum | Easy Canvas Art Perfect activity for the kids and Father's Day gift!

Painting with cookie cutters!