So funny!

bob ross!

Deadbeat Ken sold separately!

This made me laugh...a lot! Pinstrosity -- A blog where people submit Pinterest projects that didn't turn out as planned. This blog is hilarious and almost as addictive as Pinterest.

Stormtrooper family moments.


Loving this happy Lego watch

Parenting level: genius

Miss Frizzle, what's that?! ^^^^^^^this person obviously wasn't a 90s kid. The Magic School Bus!b

Hahaha why is this so funny?!

Bob Ross

Pizza Sleeping Bag hahahahhaa

It's a plush version of nevernude Tobias Funke from Arrested Development.

master class...oh, this made me laugh! Twaannggg!!

hahahaha, yeah right... morgan freeman would never say that


Bob Ross Face Shirt: The Joy of Painting on PBS

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