He is a male, Bornean Orangutan with nice face :-)


Who me? by C.Grant - Pixdaus / beautiful animal but I have to wonder if thats its natural color or if its been photo shopped.

Orangutan by Volker

Silverback Gorilla


Douc Langur

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The Orangutan takes aim at the wanton destruction of the Indonesian rainforest by multinational corporations and farmers who slash and burn large swaths of forest killing everything in their wake. They do this to replant this cleared land with Palm plantations for the purpose of worldwide consumption of palm oil. Laws have been enacted to prevent this from happening but the practice continues. Perpetrators are slapped on the wrist. These wealthy conglomerates can simply buy their way...

Cotton-top tamarins.

male orangutan

Baby orangutan holding a leaf over its head during a rainstorm.

Baby Orangutan

Baby Orangutan with Mom

Orangutan Sanctuary, Malaysia

Schmidt�s Guenon by Steve Munoz


Mebbe if I look sad enough I won't get grounded..tonight's Animal Planet, too!

Douc Langur Monkey

Orphaned baby orangutans safe to sleep in peace Dreaming of ....... ? www.DreamTagTell.com