• Kassidy W🏄⚓️

    so true. oh my goodness, I was crying in the book, but in the movie it just looked like a scab.

  • Maddie Hodgett

    The Hunger Games: Last time I watched the movie I started yelling at my computer "He's septic he needs IV antibiotic not an ointment!". And in the book he lost his leg

  • Leah Chibe

    true story bro This is why I usually don't see movies based on books I like.

  • Maya

    Hahaha I'm laughing so hard right now. Why is this so funny? HAHAHA.

  • Tes Medovich

    Lose leg in book? Not important enough to make it into the movie. #HungerGames

  • Julia Treat

    Hunger Games humor

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