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  • Neah Brook

    RC Cola and a Moon Pie, it's a southern thang! Favors for wedding?

  • CM

    Just give a southern girl a Coke, and a Moon Pie...

  • Johnna Shapiro

    RC Cola and a Moon Pie - Must have been a Southern thing because I never heard of moon pies when I was little.

  • Cheryl Watson
    Cheryl Watson • 2 years ago

    RC Cola is still around. Not in the glass bottles tho. Soda was so refreshing out of those bottles. Moonpies are still around too but its hard to find the singles unless they're the double decker. Not quite as good as the original.

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Moon Pie and RC Cola Wall Mural in Bell Buckle, Tennessee. (Great name for a town!). Bell Buckle has RC - Moon Pie Festival every year in June.

You had to have a Moon Pie with RC Cola! You would dump one of those tiny bags of salted peanuts into the RC. Wonder if it would taste as good now?

RC Cola and Moon Pie Festival in Bell Buckle

Moon pies and RC Cola! ~ every time we travel Dennis always stops at a little country store for a moon pie & an RC cola.

Man on the moon July 20, 1969 Neil Armstrong, “That’s one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind.”

Sugah, would you like an RC and a moon pie? Royal Crown cola originated in my home town, Columbus, Georgia, in 1905. Moon Pies came from the Chattanooga, Tennessee area, beginning ca 1917.

Old Advertising Barn...Moon Pies and RC Cola!! I used to see alot of barns advertising Mail Pouch Tobacco as a kid.

Doesn't get much more southern than a RC Cola and a Moon Pie! We do like our food, there's no secret there. Sweetie, it’s not all fried chicken and cornbread! Bless your heart. Now go on and get you some, Honey Child! ;)

An RC Cola & a Moon Pie - reminds me of Lewis Grizzard - Sometimes I do get a craving for moon pies and RC colas.