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The Northern Lights

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~~Northern Lights Over Portage ~ Portage Lake & Chugach Mountains, Alaska by Daryl Pederson~~

Nighthawks Art Print by Edward Hopper

Northern Lights over Portage Lake & Chugach Mountains, Alaska. Alaska and Northern Lights. Two things I want to see

Aurora Rainbow, Brooks Range, Alaska – by Cj Kale. The Brooks Range is a mountain range in far northern North America stretching some 1100 km (700 mi) from west to east across northern Alaska into Canada’s Yukon Territory. Reaching an elevation exceeeding 2,700 m (9,000 ft), the range is believed to be approximately 126 million years old.

Day Beautiful World: Aurora Rainbow - Brooks Range, Alaska. Photo by CJ Kale.

This magnificent shot of the Northern Lights shows the them reflecting off the clouds and lake in Norwaywww.dailymail.co.uk

Northern Lights show: Photographer captures stunning pictures in Norway

Northern lights, or aurora borealis, stride across clouds above Ersfjord, Norway, shortly before 1 a. on September I WILL see this in person before I die!

Aurora Borealis above the beautiful village Fjordgård on Senja

Northern Lights -Alaska- (Aurora Borealis above Village on Senja, Norway)

Auroras borialis i really really want to see this

Beautiful Aurora Borealis - I love getting pictures of the northern lights and a couple of southern lights. This pairing of colors is rare to me. This is one of the more colorful ones I have seen

Kim Norlien Night Fire

Kim Norlien Night Fire

The colorful northern lights shine bright over a campfire overlooking the bay in Kim Norlien's Night Fire. looks like the boundary waters.

The Northern Lights, Alaska. Going to Alaska is on my bucket list of places to travel #travel #alaska #usa

The Northern Lights, Alaska. Going to Alaska is on my bucket list of places to travel. Gotta see the northern lights at some point in my life it's my dream n a dream I want to come true xx