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  • Mari Barretto

    I am SHER Locked

  • Claire

    #Sherlock BBC #Benedict Cumberbatch

  • Marybeth Heatherly

    #sherlock #benedictcumberbatch #men

  • Jessie Jordan

    sherlock benedict cumberbatch

  • Kaylee White

    know you’re an Army doctor, and you've been invalided home from Afghanistan. You've got a brother worried about you, but you won’t go to him for help, because you don’t approve of him, possibly because he’s an alcoholic, more likely because he recently walked out on his wife, and I know your therapist thinks your limp's psychosomatic, quite correctly, I’m afraid. That’s enough to be going on with, don’t you think ? The name is Sherlock Holmes, and the address is 221B Baker Street. Afternoon.

  • Tracey Lowin

    Sherlock sherlock - another brilliant series from BBC. Mark my words Watson - a great contemporary twist on the brilliance of 'Sherlock Holmes and Dr Watson" <3 this series.....and might I just add that Sherlock is a fine piece of candy in all his British candor and his wardrobe finery.

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What's the verbal equivalent of flailing? Because that just happened to me - Imgur

A prince... the man is a fucking prince... I can't with him anymore... gawd <---that sums it up

Yep, that did it for me! I'm out! In done! WHOEVER MADE THIS NEED A SMASHED HEAD.

Twitter / StormingTeacup: Ben, get down from there this ...<=====pinned for that comment.

Can I just say how hilarious it is that Sherlock was sassy enough to quote Spock (from the 2009 movie) after John calls him that in the very same scene. Absolutely priceless! XD

Sherlocks beautiful eyes.... They are like galaxies... I expect to see a little TARDIS in there

Benedict Cumberbatch with a kid. Who needs to function anyway?!?

IDK, it might be just me but Ben most resembles an otter when he portrays Sherlock. His Khan looks more like a fox. Everyday Ben doesn't seem all that otterly. Maybe it's just really Sherlock who is the otter and not Ben. Am I wrong?

Benedict Cumberbatch. That is quite a look he's giving us....

Be glad I'm already married. But yes: this pretty much sums up my love for boyish-faced pale guys. Before Benedict, Gerard Way claimed that spot. Sorry Gerard - since you got married and had a kid, I felt guilty lusting after you, so I moved on.