• Kylie Rae

    Short girl problems. so true... for almost any chair..

  • Sarah Johnson

    Which is almost all of the chairs in the world. Short People Problems.

  • Jeslin Ritz

    truth... and it's mostly all chairs. #shortgirlproblems

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It is not enough to know - we must apply. It is not enough to want - we must do!

'Wir leben auf einem blauen Planeten, der sich um einen Feuerball dreht, mit 'nem Mond, der die Erde bewegt und Du glaubst nicht an Wunder?' - lyrics from 'Welt der Wunder' by Marteria #lyricart

Never settle.


I love you mom!


Sometimes I look at my husband and think... "You are one lucky son of a bitch." | Family Ecard | someecards.com


my friends should all know, this IS my life story :p

Obviously I would be the swishing gay flight attendant!

I would TOTALLY do this!

Fast readers only

Theta Pond at Oklahoma State University

sure is...

Whenever I make spaghetti....

I love, I love, I love!

Hahaha too funny

My little black heart

All the time...



Smart lady!

hahahaah so true!

Sure do...lol