I LOVE THIS!  I know she already has one knit owl hat...but there is no harm in having two!  Adorable! Will knit this for my kids.

Owl Hat Earflap Beanie Cap Pink Green by Amy K - Hoot Hoot! How cute will your little one look in this hat! Crocheted in cotton with oval button eyes, little orange beak, blue flower, and those fun ears! ~Last photo shows the true color.

The Little Winter Cabin on Hoot Owl Hill

Woolf With Me™ Faux Fur Blanket in RedBlack Buffalo by woolfwithme. : my baby lumberjack needs some plaid flannel.

girl and dog in curlers

This reminds me of when Mom used to roll my sisters and my hair in pink sponge rollers just like this every Saturday night so we'd all have ringlet curls for church in the morning. And this is about the age I became a coffee drinker. Love it.

So cute! Maybe take a pic of my lil one like this!

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Cute baby boy sleeping and smiling differently Cute baby girl in white cute dress cute baby wallpaper Cutest Baby wallpaper Cut.

Indigo Crossing

Ready for the Cold Weather!Thats how u bundle your baby everyday when its cold or you think its cold:) layers are amazing even for babies! Keep your baby warm.

My dogs would absolutely hate me - but this is the cutest thing I've ever seen. :)

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