Inference: What just happened? What makes you think so?

Over 800 Thought Questions with graphics. Perfect for journaling prompts, bellwork, or fast finishers.

Inferencing: There are little to know words spoken. What do you infer will happen?

I remember this from when I was in first grade with an add on..."and the second vowel does the walking"


SEQUENCING: What is happening in this image? What happened BEFORE this? What will happen AFTER this? Write your thoughts in your reading journal.

Writing Prompts- 300+ image based writing prompts

Inference: What will this man have for breakfast tomorrow morning? What makes you think so?


students make 5 observations, 5 inferences, and 5 predictions. more pics at National Geographic.

Hot Chocolate Craft and Writing Activity. Great for using adjectives to describe the taste, smell, warmth etc...

Inference: What do you think happened here? What makes you think so?

Saw this idea on Pinterest. Use the National Geographic Picture of the Day to get students observing, inferring and predicting.

Inference: What happened? What makes you think so?

Inference: Why is this man on the floor? What makes you think so?

Make an inference.

Inference: How do you think this boy feels about his dinner? What makes you think so? Repinned by Jennifer @ Let Them Play!

Inference: Where is this girl? How do you know?

Inference: What are three things you can tell about the person who these feet belong to? This comes from an entire pinboard dedicated to teaching inference.

Have students journal a response to the picture...where is this? what is happening? why? what will happen next? etc.

Writing Pin 2: Scene of the Crime Writing: Set up a fake crime scene. Then have all the children to gather around and examine the scene of the crime. After they have all looked at the crime scene have them return to their desk and tell them to write a story about what they thought happened. This will make some interesting stories, but I would use this in only 4th or 5th grade.