FREEBIE...compliments for students to wear! A nice addition to your classroom management!

classroom management ideas

Behavior Punch Card

Classroom management

A Line Up Song freebie and classroom management ideas. Kindergarten Faith

Positive solutions when faced with a child with challenging behavior

love this idea for complimenting students and strengthening classroom community

Love this List!! 20 Things You Can Do In (About) 10 Minutes For A Smoother Running Classroom. Really simple and fast but with long lasting effects.

Anger Management Charts and Printables

Classroom management idea!

Classroom Freebies Too: Brain Breaks Cards

draw your attention to POSITIVE behavior! As chaos ensues within the classroom (and by chaos I mean anything from "getting a little chatty" to "full on riots"), I look for someone who is doing the right thing. And then... DING! I whack my little bell and the room comes to a screeching halt. Because: a) They know somebody is about to get awarded a tally and (even if they were the one go-go dancing on a desk they still hold a flicker of) hope that it will be their name c...

Great classroom management tips with a freebie with ideas for no cost and no candy rewards

How full is your bucket?- introduce concepts of being aware of others feelings. Use a shoe holder, and colored solo cups as buckets and have students write nice compliments to each other.

Classroom Management Ideas

behavior management

Brag bracelets for students to wear as you catch them being awesome! I LOVE this idea!! {Via The Hands-On Teacher in First}

Classroom management ideas

Give Me Five Freebie poster.

Freebie - Classroom Management - Transition Songs for Lining Up

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