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    These 32 multiple choice task cards are perfect for reinforcing generalization skills. These cards are meant to be used as supplementary reading st...

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Directions for making this portable, reusable Center Board... perfect for turning Task Cards into an activity center!

Make fluency practice fun with these winter-themed task cards. Each one features a different high-interest passage. Half the cards are dialogue - great for working in partners. The other half are a mix of narrative and informational text. $

Reading Fluency Task Cards with Informational Text! Great practice for oral reading - aligned with CCSS.ELA-Literacy.RF4A-C

Reading Fluency Task Cards - Short, entertaining passages to practice oral reading. Comes with Fluency Four Poster and Reminder Cards as well as a detailed tracking sheet. $

Task Card Corner: Using Task Cards in Interactive Notebooks!

Using Board Games to Engage Students with Task Cards! To take their turn, students must correctly answer a question on a task card.

Early Finisher Task Cards-Keep Students Engaged

Restate the Question Task Cards: The perfect way to master this skill! $

Dig deep into place value with these challenging task cards! $

Practice editing, learn a fun fact! 200 cards to last the entire school year! Your students will love these! $

Your students will love using the Snack Shack menu to solve each of these 32 problems. Great for centers! $

Paragraph Structures Task Cards - These will really help your students to learn what goes in a paragraph and where it should go. Differentiate with two response sheets - multiple choice for beginners and short answer for more advanced students. $

Brain Breaks for Squirrelly Students! 60 brain break cards to keep your kids happy and focused (and to save teacher sanity). $

Figurative language paragraph cards: Seven types of figurative language (simile, metaphor, idiom, personification, hyperbole, alliteration, and onomatopoeia) with two levels of difficulty! Perfect for centers and test prep. $

Homophone Task Cards - Each card features a paragraph with 3 homophone mistakes for students to find and correct! $

Tile TangleTask Cards - perfect for a literacy center or a break from test prep! Includes 7 challenge cards and 4 student response sheets for differentiation. So. Much. Fun! $

These Just-Right Inference Task Cards are not too easy and not too hard. Perfect for grades 2-5! $

Paraphrasing is a difficult skill to master. These bite-sized paragraph task cards can make it easier. Comes with sample answer key and a PARAphrase It! poster. $

Organization for task cards and flashcards

Sentence Challenge Task Cards: Open-Ended Practice for a variety of skills. $

Balance the Equation Task Cards: Addition and Subtraction

Restate the Question Task Cards (Beginning Set for Grades 2-4). Help your students learn this important skill with these 35 fun task cards! Includes a colorful poster and 3 choices for answer sheet. $

Restate the Question Task Cards (Advanced Set for Grades 4-8) - No more one-word or short phrase answers! Students will practice rewriting the question and learn a strategy for handling those tricky questions that ask them to explain their answers. Such an important skill! 32 Task Cards, Posters, Challenge Cards and More! $

Editing Task Cards: 200 Fun Facts Sentence Cards, CCSS Aligned. $

Word Analysis Task Cards: Vocabulary, Parts of Speech, Spe