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Let’s just say he was feeling a lot of pressure. (submitted by Lisa)

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And? (submitted by Sidney)

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They are both shedding. (submitted by Paul)

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She was trying to take her love just a bit higher. (submitted by Jeanette)

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Their love was all bark, no bite. (submitted by Melody)

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She always looked forward to spending time with Grandma. (submitted by Amber)

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Aging Gracefully



Saturday Night Special: Flower Children

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They were just glad they didnt show up in the same bathing suit. (submitted by Daisy)

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Here’s to awkward beginnings…. (submitted by Kate, Brittany, Pam, Maria, Karna, Sarah, Hunter, & Molly)

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This is how I feel about everything.

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Ok kid, pull my finger.

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Nothing to see here. (submitted by David)

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it looks like santa had a rough night

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Jennifer has been spending a lot of time on her computer lately. (submitted by J)

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This family prefers the wet look. (submitted by Bud)

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Even heavenly creatures can be ‘over it.’ (submitted by Taylor)

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Since she got remarried, her son was afraid he might get lost… in all of that hair.