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Making Test Prep Fun with an Olympic Competition

Test Prep Olympics change the game of test preparation! Get your students engaged and motivated to prepare for your state tests!

Playing Spoons in the Classroom {Highly Engaging Review Game}

If you have every played Spoons, then you know how fun and engaging that game is. Have you ever thought about playing Spoons in the classroom? This post explains how teachers can use an academic version of the highly engaging Spoons game to review concepts. Free games included!

Test Prep - Teaching Students How to Respond to Short Answer Questions

Help students master responding to short answer questions with this 5-Day unit (and top-secret READ strategy).

Hit the TEST Out of the Park!

Hit the TEST Out of the Park! Baseball is such a a great test prep theme. This blog post is full of fun test prep ideas!

Motivational Test Prep Activities and Resources

If you’re tired of high-stakes state assessments bringing you and your students down, then it might be time for some Motivational Test Prep!

36 Awesome Test Prep Review Ideas

It's time to review what you've been working on all year long for those oh-so-important standardized tests. But don't despair, test review doesn't have to be dull. There are plenty of ways to make it fun! Here are 36 of them

Divide and Conquer the Work of Test Prep

Is it possible to divide and conquer the work of preparing a large test review? Four time-saving ideas to cut back on the work load. |