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    Candy crush request

    Broke college student.

    Don't look at me.


    Hahahahahaha omg.

    Yes sir.

    That awkward moment when someone uses the phrase, "let's get down to business" and now all you want to say is "to defeat the huns."

    Hahahahahahahahahaha holy crap.

    Hahahaha. I laughed too hard.

    Don't complain to me. Ever.



    The best "hey girl" I've ever seen. ♥

    This is correct.

    Lol oh so true.

    Hahahaha oh gosh.

    Um yeah.

    Yes. Favorite Shrek line.

    Hahahahaha omg.

    Amanda Hilpertshauser. This is you.

    For real though.

    This joke was destined to be made eventually.

    Love this movie.

    My reaction exactly, Jen.

    Hunger Games/Harry Potter jokes. Lawl.