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What if

Because Sudden Clarity Clarence just realized that 'boobytrap' spelled backwards is 'partyboob' -- the best of the Sudden Clarity Clarence meme!

Liam Neeson said he would find me

Liam Neeson said he would find me

forget chuck norris,liam neeson is the true badass

Entertainment consultant memes from Business Consultant Loren Weisman giving a take on the different arts industries as a whole with truth and humor.

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I love when people post this, and they are one of the ones that do it. Just like people that make fun of the duck face, but they have tons of pictures of them making duck faces.

Or hot men in spandex...

Not sure in the Anvengers

I see them for the heroes. Trying to find Stan Lee is a bonus.

Preach it, beard brother Sigmund!

Funny Beard Quote: I see you shaved. Sorry the weight of manhood was just too much. - black and white photo

Kid owns a pack of crayons... turn room into art studio.

can i just say i want this guy to redecorate my room One Direction style? perhaps even bring the boys to my room for the big opening?

Neal speaks truth

RDFRS: Neil deGrasse Tyson: Why You Will Never Find Scientists Leading Armies Into Battle (who can resist this man?

this is the best thing to ever happen to my life

and four for glen coco! you go glen coco! haha I love mean girls!