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  • Dede Hamm

    Hores! For all the teachers out there - or anyone who likes funny stuff from kids. :)

  • Angiee Kolvek

    Hey @Andrea / FICTILIS Ostrom-Kemper thought this would make you giggle =) "When I am 16 or 20 I will buy my own hores"

  • Taylor Busby

    kids. they say the darndest things. ps. Hores like carrots.

  • Christine Martis

    Hors... They like carrots. Haha

  • Krista Orlebeck

    kids are hilarious. i like the part about buying hores when im 20 ^.^

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hahahahahahhahahahahah how awkward

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Omg I need to do this to someone. xD

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