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space IS filled with orbiting children

Rachel's fear of swings.space is filled with orbiting children.

when Ross wants to take Emma to the playground and Rachel won't let him because she had a bad playground experience lol

F•R•I•E•N•D•S on

Like i said I was thinking of taking Emma to the museum of knives and fire!


Chandler: Hey, you cry every time somebody talks about "Titanic" Joey: Those two had only each other. Friends TV Show quotes

Best show of all time!  "Ross and Rachel"

Lobster's mate for life. Just trust me on that. One of my most favorite Friends' moments!

Look, look, look! It's Pete from Warehouse 13!    (Also Joey. :D)

Doctor Joey

"I'm a Doctor, not a Mathematician!" Joey Tribbiani from FRIENDS I love friends

Monika & Chandler

Monica and Chandler, the early years ~ Friends: Season Episode 23 ~ The One With The Chicken Pox