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    • Sweet Darling

      Remember this. Go live yo life.

    • Sarah Gallardo

      To do what I know is right in my heart, in my mind, from deep in my soul. To stay true to my beliefs in all practices and walks of life. Living with personal integrity

    • Paul Bonnici

      Every Human is born an individual. But as we age, we feel the need to belong, to conform, to be liked. But if you are not true to yourself, if you are a sheep in the herd simply because you want to be liked, you are living a lie, and you will not be happy. You don't have to leave a herd to be different. Find one that will like you for being you. Only then will you be happy. This is one of the many small truth's I have learned. I have so many more to discover! :)

    • Samantha Boggs

      Amen! So true | You don't have to do what everyone else is doing | Be yourself! Inspirational quote

    • Nancy Cahn

      Just live my own life, find my own may not be the path that you would choose. But it is mine.

    • Ashlee Berry (Greene)

      So true! And even when u want to- sometimes you can't. Gotta remember this

    • Debbie Crowell

      So true I need this on a post it note to be have a daily reminder

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