4.2.1 Conocer y aprender nuevos idiomas dora the explorer funny meme

This is so true for me. I'm just all like: "Oh. They're not that dirty." A month or two later. "Wow. They're super dirty." Funny Stuff.

So true!

I just died. Totally worth reading!


True. ;)

My husband and I do this all the time. He looks for something. I tell him exactly where it is. He can't find it then I find it for him lol. Cute.


The Best of ‘Bad Luck Brian’ "gets new crayons: Roseart."

YEP! That is what I have always thought!!!

SO true!!

Katt Williams- Some people laughed then paused and realized that joke was directed at your uneducated ass


I didn't mean to have you!


Hahaha I am dying

This person deserves an award

true story