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    Repining for "May the odds be ever in the back of your math book"

    He remembers a camera man from Fresh Prince and is excited to see him again :)






    nice one.

    Cinderella's controversial shoes. Don't mind me, just sitting here laughing so hard I'm gasping for air. Why is this so funny?

    I love when people put this much thought into things. I mean, a felony should always be thoroughly premeditated & documented on the internet.

    If You Need Anything From Me. Reconsider T shirt. Lazy Tee. Funny Personalized T-shirt.

    XD YES


    Hahaha, I work at a movie theater and say "Enjoy your show," and the same thing happens. Highlight of my job.



    I do this. It's natural. I lived alone for many years, so who else is going to laugh at all the hilarious things I might say if there were someone to say them to?

    LOL WIN!