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Nina Simone by Charles “Teenie” Harris, circa 1965.

Nina Simone by Pittsburgh photography icon Charles “Teenie” Harris, circa Two of my favorite icons.

1967 - Nina Simone Newport Jazz Festival The Cut


Lena Horne, Diana Ross, Eartha Kitt, Dorothy Dandridge - oh my! In case you're in need of some style inspiration, click through for vintage photos of famous Black women serving serious style.

Nina Simone - Born in Tryon, N.C., in 1933, Nina Simone’s life changed forever when she was denied a scholarship to the prestigious Curtis Institute of Music in Philadelphia, despite years of training as a concert pianist and well-received audition. Simone believed that racism was behind the rejection, and she turned to popular music, playing in small clubs and adding singing to her repertoire. Thank goodness for that. By the ’60s, Simone was already a legend. Iconic Women in the 60s

60 Iconic Women Who Prove Style Peaked In The '60s

Nina Simone - Born in Tryon, N., in Nina Simone’s life changed forever…

David Bowie

The Thin White Duke, severe and detached, part alien, part cabaret figure. Bowie had even begun an autobiography, The Return Of The Thin White Duke.

「real cowboys」の画像検索結果

Contrary to Hollywood, black slaves were America’s cowboys. The word cowboy, originally had nothing to do w-roping cattle & hell-raising in the high plains. The word 'cowboy' grew out of social customs that did not allow black males to be addressed as

Robert Johnson. yes, maybe I'll smoke in the vid.

A man and innovator of the Blues, Mr. Robert Johnson, in this one of two known photographs to exist of this man who supposedly sold his soul to the devil at the crossroads to play the guitar.

John Lee Hooker

John Lee Hooker ~ (Born August 1917 - Died June Hooker began performing his own style of what was closest to the original 'Delta Blues'. He sang but with a 'talking' style that was truly unique.

Wilson Picket and Jimi Hendrix

Wilson Pickett backed by Jimi Hendrix, NYC, May This was at an Atlantic Records party, with Cornell Dupree behind Wilson. By the end of the year Jimi was in London getting Experienced. Photography by the brilliant William ‘PoPsie’ Randolph.