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How to Get Great Hair Highlights At Home Try using 2 colors instead of 1. Try using 1 color that's 2 shades lighter than your natural color & another color that's 2 shades darker. Alternate them/use them on different sections of your head. Just be sure they don't mix. Try painting on your highlights either starting 1-2" from root or only the last 1-2" of ends. color but less commitment!

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Lighten your Hair Color with Homemade Hair Lighteners, Highlights

You can add highlights to your hair and lighten your hair color using natural home remedies that are gentle and do not damage the hair.

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How to Highlight & Lowlight Your Hair Like a Professional

How to Highlight & Lowlight Your Hair Like a Professional - Apply color to the hair along the length of the foil using the color brush. Fold the sides of the foil in over the hair & fold again in 1/2. Clip the foil up & out of the way using a hair clip. Create another .5" section, pin it up w/the previously foiled section. Weave the next .5" section, place foil, apply color. Continue in an alternating pattern, moving from section to section, from the top of the head to the lower hairline.


how to do beach waves in less than 5 minutes: 1. divide your hair into two parts. 2. braid each section and tie. 3. twist a section. 4. run your straighter/flat iron over both of the twist a few times. 5. untie twists, and you’re done.


The best hair mask EVER. You have to try this. Only a few ingredients! My hair feels and looks better than it has in years... goodbye splits ends, hello super strength. A must for growing longer, stronger hair.

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The 7-Minute Blowout

Get a perfect at-home blowout in 7 minutes: where (and how) to save time

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lighten your hair naturally

after my post about dying your hair darker with walnuts went live on AE, i've had lots of questions about how to lighten hair naturally. lightening hair is always more involved, because it involves...

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Top 10 Fashionable Ponytail Tutorials

Quick for winter days!


Ok I adore the cut and have had it before but let me just say....the only time I have ever wanted to have a different color hair is when I look at this picture. I love this coppery red! ~D


Highlights and Lowlights Ideas for Brunettes - Polish your hair color to perfection by adding some dramatic highlights and lowlights into your brunette locks. Opt for barely-there blonde streaks for a natural look or go full-on bold with vibrant highlights!