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Loose Tooth


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  • Cari Hernandez

    Loose Tooth Subtraction. Cute idea!

  • Ashley Pollard

    Loose tooth subtraction activity that enables students to practice subtracting with teeth using a dry erase marker on a face template. Students are able to write their own equations, too. Could also be used to practice addition if the face templates were of babies/toddlers whose teeth were just coming in!

  • J P

    Subtraction center

  • Karen Hallowell

    Loose Tooth Subtraction! | Heidi Songs (for dental health unit)

  • April Smith

    CCSS.Math.1.OA.A.1 Use addition and subtraction within 20. Loose Tooth Subtraction! Place in a sheet protector and watch your students enjoy math centers with this awesome subtraction game.

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Loose Tooth Subtraction! Black out teeth to go with the equation - for the first grade tooth obsessed

Here's a set of posters for helping students think about the meaning of subtraction.

I'm soooo using this center!! Modify it and use it for multiplication facts! Thank you Lesson Plan Diva!!

for the teachers I know ... teaching ideas

good posters..may need these since I will be teaching these skills in second grade

I love how words (poetry) can be used to help students learn about numbers and mathematics.

Who Wouldn't Love Subtraction Bowling! This activity can get your students out of their seats and teach them to have fun with mathematics. (Precious Holmes)

Students practice their subtraction skills by bowling in math centers!

Subtraction Bowling- great for visual and kinesthetic learners, and to get the kids out of their seats and actually practicing/applying their knowledge

I decided to make some anchor charts for addition and subtraction key words. I got the idea from Jodi at Fun in First (she has really great ideas... if you haven't checked out her blog, you NEED to). Here is the addition chart (I love how it is shaped like an addition sign): After downloading both documents, print on card stock, arrange nicely on addition/subtraction shaped posters, and laminate.

About half of my students are having trouble remembering the rules for double digit subtraction. This poster and song, if used frequently, might help them to remember the rules and experience more success when doing double digit subtraction problems.