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  • Patty Ann Langenstein Sylvest

    Marine family quotes - Google Search

  • Skylar Kellum

    I may not love the moves, the uncertainty, the distance from relatives, the saying goodbye to friends, or the fact that my kids will never grow up in one place or house, but I sure love my military husband and wouldn't trade this military life for anything!!

  • Azurae Nustad

    I'm a PROUD Army girlfriend. This quote is my absolute favorite !

  • Shari Myhre

    Army Quotes For Soldiers Loving a military man love

  • Alana Amezcua

    Loving a military man is not hard. The distance is hard, the worry is hard, the sacrifices are hard. But loving him...that's the easiest thing I've ever done.

  • Angela Donahue

    Life of an Almost Army Wife: A fantastic, informative, and relatable blog about being a military wife.

  • Nicole Carpenter

    Army wife, Army life.

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There's the romantic "Need" (You complete me, My life is better with you, I couldn't imagine life without you) and the codependent "Need" (I need a man to be complete, I need to not be alone). The difference is one occurs after you've fallen in love and even though its sweet it isn't literal. the other is always there, and is often the reason people end up in bad relationships, and their own self worth depends on being with someone. I never "need" a man, but I have found the one my soul "needs"

A Soldier doesn't fight... military patriotic sign - with vinyl lettering. $18,00, via Etsy.

#64543 thing to NOT say to a military spouse at the end of a deployment - 'Oh, that went by so fast!' Just, no.

very true in military life.

Stand behind the troops. I love this. God Bless the military men and women and their families!

Miles Apart Military Wife/Fiance/Girlfriend by LoBabyJewelry, $20.00

We need to realize that our problems are not nearly as bad as we make them out to be. We are each truly blessed.

Sarah Marie - What a wonderful quote! Thank you to all the men and women who put themselves in harms way for the benefit of us all, at such a tremendous sacrifice as leaving behind those you love and depend on you! If you agree - share this over and over again!

Thank you for serving our country... Prayers and blessing to all who have served, are serving and those that choose to serve to protect our future.

'Seeing how women are treated (in Afghanistan) was sad. In the villages I'd take my helmet off to show I'm a woman and I'm respected, and that women do have worth.'

military ornament that should be on every tree in American - it is because of the work they do that we can have the lives we do