Simple DIY: Tinting Bottles & Jars

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101 Ways To Decorate With Mason Jars

DIY Mason jar candle

cute craft idea: old bottles wrapped in twine

EASY DIY! **How to Tint Mason Jars Tutorial** Tint jars any color you like with only 2 items! Simple home decor project.

Fairies In a Jar~

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I have so much lipstick that I rarely wear.... DIY: Turn it into tinted lipbalm by melting Vaseline and Lipstick together then store in little pot.

Use old crayons for DIY colorblocked candles Tips Add about a tablespoon of Crisco shorting for an even burn, and stearic acid, it makes them burn at a high temp which helps them last longer. If you want to add a fragrance add it right before you pour that wax or you lose most of the smell while you are melting the wax. Scented: Three drops to every layer after poured into votive

Apothecary Jars made from Mason Jars #recycled crafts #diy #home decor

Easy to follow tutorial on how to tint your mason jars. Custom colors for every project!

another tutorial on how to tint mason jars

How to Color Mason Jars-transparent color. Modpodge and food coloring and baking. Looks like it turns out pretty.

How to: Dye Clear Glass ANY Color (A New Technique).

How to cut a bottle without using any cutters. 1. fill bucket with ice cold water 2. wrap string around bottle at least 3 times, then slide it off 3. soak that string in nail polish remover for 10 seconds (use cap lid) 4. put string on bottle, light string on fire, rotate bottle around until flame goes out 5. dip in the ice cold water and watch it break

Jars made from spaghetti sauce jars--spray paint lid and add knob.

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How to Turn Old Bottles into Picture Frames: Clean the bottles well with soap and water. If the adhesive does not come off, try using a product like Goof Off or Goo Gone. Let bottles dry completely, inside and out. (Sometimes a paper towel stuck in the top helps dry inside out.) From

DIY Tinted Jars. These colors are gorgeous. Something to finally make with glass jars instead of throwing them away!

Give your jars an antique look with this simple tutorial.