I like to surround myself with people who share in my inappropriate comments, random shenanigans and solid love of vodka.

Funny Somewhat Topical Ecard: A day without dealing with stupid people is like... Never mind. I'll tell you if it ever fucking happens. Till then, I'll take a shot of vodka, please. So true!

I+love+when+we+hang+out.... I+don't+have+to+pretend+to+ be+a+nice+person.+That+ shit's+exhausting.

Pain makes you stronger. Tears makes you braver. Heartbreak makes you wiser. And vodka makes you not remember any of that crap | eCards

I silently mouth the words What the fuck? at least 20 times a day.

Everyone needs one

Too funny

ma life errerday

HAHA this is perfect for me.. I'm always saying "i miss your face!!" lol

We all have that 1 friend that needs convincing

So true!

I was going to make you a rum cake for your birthday. But now it's just a cake, and I'm drunk.

hahaha true and so sad

I have a friend or two like this... :)

Laughed so hard at this.


@Terry Donovan Zebrowski

ha! no vodka on Sunday night @Brandon Touhey B

But it's so true...