Modge podge & tissue paper Christmas ornaments. YESSS

Made with recycled paper from a book or music sheet and "glittered" ;) Items needed: old paper back books, scissors, plastic Christmas ornaments, mod podge, spray on glitter. I cut the paper back book into small strips, dipped into the mod podge and put on the Christmas ornament. When it was totally dry I sprayed it with the glitter glue.

Dip Mix Ornaments! Each Ornament holds spices that when mixed with sour cream become yummy dips!!! Great gift idea!

Baby's First Christmas Ornament. Modge podge a block. Cute!

paper bead Christmas ornaments by three stone steps, via Flickr. Great use for old xmas paper

These cinnamon-applesauce heart ornaments aren’t edible, but they smell fantastic. | 33 Adorable And Creative DIY Ornaments

love these. so easy to make.

DIY Paper Flower Ornaments

Places we have lived ornaments - key imprinted on and hole poked into oven-bake clay; baked at 275 for 15 minutes; writing added with fine point sharpie

vintage-look Paper Christmas Ornaments - Living a Radical Life -- use old paper scraps on glass, plastic, or styrofoam; mod podge & glitter

Tons of easy DIY Christmas Ornament Ideas! Check this out!

Cinnamon Ornament: Two medium bowls 1 cup ground cinnamon 1/4 cup applesauce Craft glue Rolling pin Any templates Utility knife, or cookie cutters One straw Wire rack Paper towels Baking sheet Glitter and beads Bottle with applicator tip Length of thin ribbon for each ornament Tissue paper, for storing

You could do this with paint and paper too, this is too cute!

Red box, stick attached to styrophom ball, straight pin peppermints in package to round ball. Tie ribbon and maybe glue white tissue paper in red box.

Draw on tissue paper with permanent markers, wrap around candle and heat until image is transferred

DIY: Mosaic Ornaments from CDs

Christmas trees out of paper plates and tissue paper!

DIY ~ Spray painted white branches, a tall vase and some red ornaments ~ simple & beautiful

Red Paper Cone Santa Ornament | Swedish Style Christmas Ornaments - The Holiday Barn

Christmas Felt Tree for Toddlers